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Mortgage Loan Officer - and owner of Key City Lending, Inc. – is a truly dedicated professional who has committed himself and his company to providing each and every one of his buyers and Realtor partners with the very best customer service available in the mortgage industry. With offices in Addison, Illinois and Mesa, Arizona, Key City Lending also services clients in California, Florida, and Michigan.

Opened in 2017, Key City Lending has already established a stellar reputation as a trustworthy, efficient and caring company. Informed by Michael’s lengthy experience in the world of finance and his sincere concern for its clients, Key City Lending’s success continues to grow exponentially, with no sign of slowing down.

The entirety of Key City Lending’s business is based upon referrals from Realtors and satisfied clients, perhaps the most accurate measure of a job well done in the highly-competitive mortgage industry. “It’s because we make the process incredibly seamless,” says Michael, when asked how he and his company manage to inspire such consumer loyalty. “We’re very transparent, and very knowledgeable about what we do. I always make sure that every loan officer on my team fully understands current guidelines, so that when they’re speaking to Realtors or customers, they always know the right answers.” As an added bonus, Key City Lending’s average clear-to-close time is only twenty days, significantly lower than the industry average.

Michael is justifiably proud of the wide array of loan products his company offers. “In addition to Conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and Jumbo loans,” he says, “we also cater to Commercial clients as well as self-employed individuals and by using our unique Bank Statement and Profit and Loss Program we eliminate the need to provide tax returns. Key City Lending is also servicing the underserved market of ITIN and Foreign National loans. We’ve helped quite a few people purchase a home live who live abroad and many clients that have ITIN numbers. We’re very knowledgeable about every product we offer.” Michael also specializes in assisting the Hispanic community, and his Illinois office staff speak both English and Spanish.

Another significant factor that has contributed to Michael’s success story is that he truly enjoys what he does for a living. “I love that every single loan is different,” he explains, “and I like that I learn something new from each one that I can then take to my next customer or next referral partner.”

Michael’s plans for the future are fairly straightforward: to continue the rapid growth of his business while continuing to enhance the exceptional customer service experience that has become synonymous with the name Key City Lending. “Purchasing a new home can be a confusing and sometimes a frustrating process,” says Michael. “We believe simplicity is the key, and we’ve made the process easier and more efficient by integrating technology with outstanding customer service. We’re focused on reinventing the loan experience for our customers.”

For more information about Michael Malyszko, please call 888.343.1790 or email Michael@KeyCityLending.com

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