Calling All Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

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Have you heard about our Bank Statement Mortgage Program?  This new program is for business owners and the self-employed that finally allows founders, job creators, and various originators that have built their businesses and livelihoods to qualify for a  mortgage loan.  You now have a chance to buy a home you deserve with our Bank Statement Program.  Your bank statements are your proof of income at Key City Lending.

In a traditional approval process, you need to show your W2's and tax returns in order to get qualified for a mortgage loan but with this program, we no longer require those forms.  You can prove your income by showing us your bank and profit & loss statements for your business.  Your deposits into your bank account show us you earn money.  You can buy a home and even refinance your current loan.  Not being able to qualify for a home loan was the unfortunate reality for many self-employed people due to the income not being "on paper" and many write-offs but this program makes these previous roadblocks a non-issue.

Below we have included a few highlights and components of the Bank Statement Program:

1. You must be self-employed for at least 2+ years.

2. No tax returns or W2 forms required

3. 12 or 24 months Personal Bank Statements

4. 24 months of Business Bank Statements

5. You can get approved for a loan amount from $100,000 up to 2.5 million

The income is calculated using the average of the deposits made into your bank accounts.  Based on these calculations and the loan amount you can purchase a new home with as little as 10% down.  We at Key City Lending understand that every financial situation is unique so if you have any questions or think that you might not qualify, give us a call 888-343-1790

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