Portfolio Products

Portfolio Programs

Here our industry leading programs.

IRS ITIN / Foreign National Program

For individuals without a social security number or credit score.

1 day out of Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Short sale Program

For borrowers whom had unforeseen circumstances in the past and want a second chance at home ownership.

Non - Warrantable Condominium

For borrowers looking to buy a condominium that is not Fannie Mae are Freddie Mac eligible.

Asset Depletion Program

For high net worth individuals who don’t show a lot of income

Jumbo Loans at 95% LTV with no MI

For individuals that do not have 20% down on a Jumbo Loan.

Bank Statement program

For borrowers whose tax returns may not adequately show enough income to qualify them for a loan.

No Income Verified Assets (NIVA) Investments Only

For borrowers whom simply want to put 25% down on an investment property without the need of verified income.

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