30-Year Fixed Mortgage

If you're looking for a fixed mortgage for a refinance or new home purchase, you can get a no obligation consultation to find out which loan is best for your financial needs. Each of these options presents its own benefits to specific buyers, depending on their lifestyle and financial situation.

A Fixed Mortgage

Many buyers seek out of a fixed mortgage because the interest rate will stay the same over the entire life of the loan. A 30-year fixed mortgage allows buyers to keep a mortgage payment the same for 30 years instead of paying more when interest rates go up. This gives buyers the security of having the same housing budget long term. It's also easy to pay more toward your mortgage at any time without any penalties for prepayment. And because this mortgage is set for 30 years, the monthly payments are far lower than with a shorter loan term.

Buying a new home with a fixed mortgage offers the security of a house payment that doesn't go up with interest changes, the cost of living or with housing costs. Locking in a low rate now is a protection against the rise of rates that have historically fluctuated over time. With a no obligation consultation, you can find out the current interest rates and how much your payments would be with a fixed mortgage

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Refinancing Your Mortgage

Some home buyers want to refinance their loans at some point during the life of the mortgage. If your credit score has significantly improved since you got your loan, you may be a good candidate for a refinance for a lower interest rate. If interest rates were high when you first acquired your loan, it is often a good idea to refinance when rates are lower to lock in that lower rate for the rest of the loan term. Find out how much you can save by refinancing your current loan by contacting us for a consultation. There is never any obligation.

Do you have the housing payment that you want each month? If not, you could be paying less for housing for the next few decades. Whether you need a new mortgage or a refinance of an existing one, we have fixed mortgages that can help you stay financially secure and lock in great rates. Find out how you can take control of your financial situation with a mortgage handled by one of our experienced professionals

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Key Points

Lower Payments

Longer Term

No Prepayment Penalty

Low Interest Rate

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